Kevin Winebarger is a worship leader, songwriter, and producer who desires for the church to be fully awakened to the reconciling, transformational love of God. His life and his songs speaks to the hope, redemption, and courage found in and shared through Jesus Christ. Kevin has led worship for the last 11 years in various contexts, with many of his songs currently traveling around the nation - crossing denominational, generational, racial, and cultural lines. In addition to touring, Kevin also produces artists, songwriters and worship leaders through Courage Studios. When not traveling, Kevin serves alongside his wife, Jessica, at Transformation Church in Charlotte, NC.

Hey everyone! It’s an honor for you to be here on my site. I’m a creative who uses worship leading, songwriting, and producing to encourage the church to return to the way it was back in Eden - where full freedom, full acceptance, full glory and full worth were found and shared with God. God changed my life about 11 years ago when it was a complete mess… actually using a song to show me a sliver of who He really is and the power of His love for me. It really did change everything. Since then, I’ve been writing songs for the church and leading music teams with the purpose of facilitating communion with God by giving space for Jesus to do His work. I’m a work in progress with a lot of room to grow… and I think there’s room for people to ask questions, search for answers in safety, and find healing and redemption in God by being honest with Him and letting Him be honest with us. I hope my life invites people into transparency, and intimacy with God. For the past 11 years, I’ve written 900+ songs with various artists and churches, with many of these traveling around the nation and ministering to people around the world (which is still crazy). I’m now releasing a string of songs this year for the first time as an artist. I was initially freaked out while making the songs, anxious about what everyone thought about me - but I can honestly say I’m not there anymore - just really excited and grateful now. Because God actually used this process to give me courage to let Him nail my insecurities to the cross and resurrect me in areas I was still dead. I hope these songs welcome people into letting God’s non-transactional love change them and fill them with courage.