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Kevin Winebarger has been producing music for an increasingly diverse group of artists and writers since 2011. His desire is to encourage and empower artists and writers, helping them throw off the deadweight of comparison and sing their own unique heart songs. Kevin's focused, yet energetic nature keeps the studio room filled with laughter and fun. Kevin leverages his years of experience in writing, producing, engineering, mixing, and mastering to ensure that the whole recording process from start to finish is inspiring, professional, and stress-free.

Kevin's sincere passion is to help the church experience and know the love of God. He enjoys serving each artist's vision and helping their God-given dreams come true. He approaches every client relationship as a friendship and enjoys getting to know each person's story and discovering how he can best assist them in their journey.

More and more artists return to the studio to work with Kevin, continuing to entrust their songs and voices to him specifically because of his commitment to both serving them well and also offering them a high quality product.

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Listen below for examples of songs Kevin and his music team have produced.